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Modular Homes – The Modern Accommodation

Leveraging on industrialisation, there has been a considerable development in the construction industry. Mud thatches from the pre-historic era slowly and steadily transformed into large mansions and shanties. From the limitless array of accommodation options available in today's time, modular homes have become the preferred choice of a quality conscious and cost conscious house buyer.

Modular construction involves prefabrication of sections or modules in a remote facility rather than on-site. Building in this way reduces the chances of weather-related delays or problems thus, saving time and cost of construction. The fabricated modules are then, transported to the intended site of use in large wagons and assembled together to make a finished residence, using either a crane or trucks.

The building supplies are stored in on-site warehouses, so as to prevent the materials from getting wet. Due to quality engineering and latest construction techniques, modular homes are energy-efficient and thus, are comfortable to live in regardless of the weather. Further, the excess materials are not disposed in a landfill, but recycled in the in-house plant installed at most modular home manufacturing facilities.

Built with such environment considerations, modular homes are often termed as the environment-friendly accommodation. Being restraint to such weather problems, modular homes are also a cost-effective alternative to the conventional site-built homes. There are no cost overruns from 'no-show subs' as well. Further, it takes almost 1/3rd the time needed to construct a site-built home for modular construction.

With such advantages, modular homes are being constantly used for both long-term temporary and permanent facilities like schools and classrooms, construction camps and industrial facilities. Further, churches, health care facilities, sales and retail offices, fast food restaurants and cruise ship construction also involve modular construction. However, maximum usage of modular homes is found in remote and rural areas.

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