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Modular Homes With An 'Off-the-Grid' Concept

It is well known that prefabricated and customized modular homes deliver utmost customer satisfaction. They are technically stronger, economical and free from redundancies present in site-built houses. Now it is a revolution in the architectural world which wants to prove that modular homes can achieve an 'off-the-grid' or 'net-zero-energy-consumption' status. If that is achieved, the world will see a new age – the Modular Age.

Houses are systems which consume electricity, fuel and sustain lives in a domestic way. Now a collective study of townships or cities would lead to a general energy consumption data which helps in calculating the distribution patterns of grids to various residential establishments. If it is ensured that a custom built house reduces its energy consumption to as low as zero (for an extended period of time), then grid distribution plans will see remarkable changes. Plenty of results in the direction of sustainability will be achieved. This would lead to a strong tradition for the coming new human generations.

Creativity and energy analysis are the major areas of effort to ensure that a home builder produces green or net-zero-energy consuming house. This idea is currently being employed into construction of bigger buildings all over the world. By earning higher LEED points, the architects and engineers get the encouragement to create newer materials and machines which are more energy efficient. The reduction in energy consumption of a custom built house is ensured due to advanced insulation, ventilation and environmental response of the interiors of the house. Reduced dependence on environmental conditioning devices is another major research area.

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Randy Stevens said...

Thanks for posting this information! My family is looking at some modular homes in Tennessee and I was curious to see what they consisted of. I find it intriguing that houses are now being made more up to date like this.

demony granger said...

Great post!Thank you for sharing.Especially in today’s climate, many people find it more financially responsible to expand their own home, as opposed to moving into a new one.

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brodahl jahren said...

Flott innlegg! Takk for at du sharing.Especially i dagens klima, mange synes det er mer √łkonomisk ansvarlig for √• utvide sitt eget hjem, i motsetning til √• flytte inn i en ny.

and ferdighus

Alamgir Ahmed said...

Modular houses are now affordable price and unbelievable luxury.

Anonymous said...

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Mike Loshe said...

Thanks for the share. Modular homes are definitely the most convenient way to build a home. I recently had one built by Custom Smart Homes and was overwhelmed by the results. Not only was this thing completely move in ready but it was built in no time which was great for my situation.

heena kapoor said...
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