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Advantages of Modular Homes over Stick-built Homes

The demands of construction industry are changing at a rapid pace and lack of resources and high costs have compelled many builders to resort to low quality material. This has paved the way for modular homes, which have emerged as feasible alternatives to stick-built homes. As clear from the name, this is a unique way of constructing homes in modules or sections. Building components, which are manufactured inside a climate-controlled factory, are assembled by the home builder on a construction site. The space and labor required in making these homes is much less than that of traditionally built homes. Hence, they provide a cost effective approach towards constructing homes.

Sturdily built, modular homes are better insulated to cold than their conventional counterparts. As a result, the need for any additional room heating mechanism inside the building is eliminated. This can generate huge savings for the owner. Modular structures have become the primary choice for quality conscious buyers in North America, UK and Australia. Framing, roofing and interior finishing of these factory-built homes are identical to that of traditionally built homes. However, these enjoy an edge owing to lesser construction time and venial expenditure. Making use of environment friendly building material, such as fiber cement siding, these have paved way for greener civil engineering.

When it comes to financing, modular homes enjoy similar funding as the conventional ones do, and are eligible for home loans from any federal or state bank. Furthermore, unlike stick-built homes which often lead to disposal of wastes, construction in modules allows recycling of excess materials. This way the home builder as well as the owner can contribute to a greener environment and reduce material wastes, thus enhancing the overall rate of sustainable development.

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