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Modular construction – Helping in a cost-effective home building

The modern method of home building using modular structures is preferred by a large majority of people, owing to its flexibility. As per a study made by NAHB’s Building Systems Council, today one of every 10 homes built in the Northeast are constructed using the innovative method of modular construction. Offering a wide variety of home plans and designs, companies that offer modular construction and renovation are gaining grounds in the country.

A modular structure is constructed by joining different prefabricated modules that are manufactured in factories. These modules are transported to the desired location on wheels and are then set up using cranes. At times, they are joined in the factory itself and then the pre-constructed sections are transported and fitted upon the foundation laid on the location.

Stainless steel is used for the construction of modules, which add to the durability of the structure. They are molded into different shapes and forms using state-of-the-art machinery. Before construction of the modules and the sections, the clients are provided with a wide array of designs and home plans to choose from. Once the selection is done, the modules are arranged accordingly, to form the desired space, after undergoing through a series of quality checks.

The modular homes provided to the clients are properly floored and insulated. It is ensured that clients don not have to compromise on the standards or facilities of living and hence look carefully into the minutest detail. Plumbing, electrical insulation and installation of HVAC systems are also offered in the homes and other structures constructed by reputed companies.

Setting up a building with the help of modules is time-effective. The process also proves to be cost-effective, as compared to the conventional method of construction. Since the modules are manufactured inside a temperature-controlled factory using latest technology and with the help of modern machinery, durable results are provided to the clients, within the stipulated time period.

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