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Western Canada Home builders BC

Lets start by saying Freeport Industries is a true leader in BC for building modular homes. Home builders BC is a great way to get into modular homes. You can pick and choose from our plans or work with us to design your dream home of any size... Most home builders bc do just one thing we build schools, houses, plants, offices, cabins and dream homes. We can help you get a modular building in place and in good time with high quality. It not secret that Freeport has been a home builder bc for along time and been providing this service to thousands of people.

Freeport industries has a great reputation and a team that stands behind you every step of the way. Rest assured in your new home you will be happy with the result the process and everything else you dreamed that could good right n building your home. Home builders bc is one thing and building futures is what we are doing in essence. We build office for mines, mills and the oil field. These office can be easily transported into place and look like a high end building people are always surprised at what we can build it and really it is amazing.

Home builders bc watch out cause Freeport has everything to take the lead and you better be taking notes cause we are an upbeat company and people are proud of our homes, offices and schools we have built for them. We have been featured in many magazines, award shows and newpapers. We have a big factory that build you dream home in much less time than a traditional stick built home. we western Canadas home builders bc front line campion and are proud to be Canadian and proud to stand beside our product and customer for many many more years to come. Thanks for reading this check out our website Home builders bc are what we are what we breath and it shows with our happy customers beautiful communities. Call us or email today to get more information and get started.

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