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Manufactured Homes - Off site built homes in BC

Is there are certain Stigma with manufactured homes somehow people associate this to a mobile home. There is a big difference in off site built homes/ modular homes/ manufactured homes. Freeport builds modular homes that are basically manufactured homes its the same thing. Mobile homes on the other hand are not the same they are not build to standards and have very limited design and quality.

Freeports homes are high in quality and our manufactured homes are seen all over western Canada with thousand of satisfied customers to date we are proud to be Canadian and a ready to server you. Check out are website Manufactured Homes to see out latetest community Sage Creek. You can walk from your Manufactured home right to the golf course in minutes. Maybe your will make the PGA... Maybe you can tell your friends that.. Maybe you better get a new driver cause that slice is least of your worries... being happy in life is above all the most important and living in a quality home that doesn’t break the bank like a stick built home and doesn’t takes 6months to build is almost a no brainer.

Why would you pay more for less... it doesn’t make sense does it. Our manufactured homes are not trailor homes they customer modular homes that are built to last and are built the highest standards under controlled conditions. We do think outside the box we build the box and the boxes inside. We are Freeport industries manufactured home builder in West Kelowna BC. Contact us today to get started and get your dream in motion. We would loe to hear from you and help you on your journey building a new home is exciting and we understand that. Manufactured homes / modular homes are the way of the future andgive you the home of your dreams in less time and at higher quality. Its time to take closer look at manufactured home and let us work with you to design your home. We stand behind our work and look forward to hearing from you. Visit us a Home Builder and get started today.

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Martina Vlanska said...

Well we should in fact check the manufactured homes we're deciding to get. The one that could withstand the weather, that is safe, and that is affordable.
You can click here to check them.

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