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Modular Homes - Advantages to Buyers and Builders

Reckoned as the 'hybrid car of the house-building industry', modular homes offer several advantages over conventional stick-built homes. As a result, these new age housing structures have become the preferred choice of several home buyers. In the residential construction sector, these prefab structures have effectively replaced the stereotypical box-like structures, which are difficult to customize. These homes provide innumerable benefits to home builder as well as buyers, which are essential to lower costs and expedite the construction process.

Modular home structures are manufactured at a factory and carefully organized at the construction site. These construction methods not only abide by the quality measures but also ensure maximum efficiency. Reducing the total cost of construction, these prefabricated structures prove to be beneficial for the first time homeowners. Comparing traditional stick-built homes with present day factory site construction methods, the latter assures a faster turnaround time. Therefore, these cost-effective methods assure construction within minimal time frame.

A prefabricated home builder does not encounter any problems faced by a stick-builder. Builders of such structures do not have to bear the brunt of contract employee issues, weather-related problems and delays arising at material supplier's end. The major task of the prefab home builder involves transportation of all modules of the prefabricated structures from the factory to the installation site and assembling the same. The superior quality of modular homes is the biggest asset of these structures, thus rendering an undeniable advantage over traditional stick-built homes. Therefore, construction trends are moving towards appropriate utilization of resources, which provide home builders as well homeowners with numerous benefits.

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