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Advantages of Buying Modular Homes

With the construction industry undergoing a paradigm shift, every reputed home builder in North America is looking towards promoting modular homes. These are prefabricated structures that are manufactured at factories and then installed at clients' sites. The main benefits of buying such homes are lower costs and turnaround time compared to traditional site built homes. Another noteworthy feature of these houses is customization, which enables homeowners to design the structure as per their specific requirements. A proficient real estate developer can construct the home in accordance with the plans provided by the client at affordable rates.

Each and every home builder located in USA and Canada adheres to the highest specifications of the stringent HUD code while developing the variegated sections of these homes. At their climate controlled factories, they make sure that the modules are constructed in the best possible manner with the help of premium grade material. They transport the different sections of prefab homes on trucks, trolleys and cranes and install the same, keeping in mind the prevalent safety norms. The plumbing and cabling infrastructures of these modular homes are also commissioned as per the standards laid down by the governing authorities.

The turnkey project, which involves building individual sections of the home and commissioning the same at clients' sites, takes six to eight weeks. This is in stark contrast to site built homes that take years to be completely constructed. Furthermore, modular homes cost up to 30% less than their conventionally-built counterparts. It must be noted that banks and insurance companies treat these homes same as site built structures, and cover them under the same plan. Moreover, their value appreciates exactly like that of their traditional counterparts, thus providing the homeowners with complete value for their money.

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