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Significance of Modular Homes in the Wake of Environmental Degradation

Rapidly growing environmental deterioration due to human activities has raised concern worldwide. In such a scenario, the need of sustainable development has become indispensable. Sustainable development is a way of utilizing natural resources so that the requirements of environment are not compromised with. Owing to conventional methods of construction, significant amount of land pollution and noise pollution takes place. Opting for modular homes, while making use of environment friendly material, can cut down the amount of land and noise pollution significantly.

A major part of construction of these homes takes place inside a factory. These factories comply with emission norms stringently and home builder ensures that the operations never exceed prescribed limit of noise. Furthermore, the factories have spacious and well maintained warehousing facilities to store the building material efficiently. Hence, material like concrete and cement does not scatter over the land, which is common in case of conventional construction sites.

Many factories reuse the left over construction material in order to heat their buildings in an aim to save landfill spaces. Being manufactured inside a factory with warehousing facility, the home builder need not visit different suppliers for material again and again. This also reduces subsequent vehicular emissions, along with saving fuel usage.

Besides recycling and re-utilizing all left over building material, the architectural layout of homes is strategically designed by home builder so that resources can be saved in the long run. These prefabricated homes are designed to allow sufficient lighting and circulation of air. Since modular homes can be customized, some of these incorporate solar panels too in the construction process, thus making these more energy efficient.

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