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Customization In Design and Details with Modular Homes

Modular homes are prefabricated structures that are manufactured in a factory and then assembled on a construction site. A significant benefit enjoyed by the home builder in the process is that there is no fixed pattern of architectural design and detailing for these homes. From holiday cottages to small cabins, these homes can be built for any need and as per every budget. Floor space, ceilings, exterior windows and doors, every major aspect of a home can be customized in accordance with customers' requirements.

Another benefit which is enjoyed by both home builder as well as the buyer is the shorter span of construction. The traditionally built homes often face delays due to adverse weather conditions and lack of sufficient labors. This not only extends the completion date of construction but also demands additional costs. However, modular homes owing to being constructed inside a climate controlled factory environment never face delays regarding external weather conditions. As a result, the time required for constructing such homes can be as less as 5-6 weeks. Needless to say, this can create higher savings for the home owner as well as developer.

The faster construction should not be however mistaken for quality compromise. The factories that are involved in manufacturing the modules maintain high quality standards in all their activities. Every step of production phase is subjected to stringent quality checks to ensure zero quality compromise. High grade of building material is used in manufacturing the components. Hence, modular homes are believed to have higher strength in comparison to traditionally built homes.

Owing to flexibility offered in architectural design and details, the factory built homes have gained wide popularity in USA, UK and Australia.

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Martina Vlanska said...

This is what I like about modular homes. We can choose the design and style and we can even customize it to our preference. It's also affordable. One example of this is the bc modular homes.

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