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Manufactured Homes – A New Age Housing

Owning a residence in the past few decades had become a long forgotten dream for the common man. However, with the introduction of manufactured homes, owning a home is no longer an impossible task. This concept has also brought about a tremendous change in the building and construction industry.  

Manufactured homes are structures that are constructed separate from the actual site of installation. Modules or parts of these structures are manufactured in a factory premise. When all the modules are manufactured, they are transported to the actual site of erection. The process of transportation is carried out with the aid of a truck or a crane. Post transportation, the various parts are assembled together and installed to form a house, just like a conventionally constructed building.

Manufactured structures are also popularly called custom modular homes. The USP of such structures is that these can be furnished and designed in just the same way as a conventional building is done. Furthermore, the modular structures can be modified or provided with additions, to suit the increasing space requirements. In fact, a whole new floor can be added to an existing structure, so as to allow more space to a growing family. Such changes can be easily done without damaging the existing building.

Modular structures are extensively appreciated for their reasonable prices, seismic strength, customization and flexibility. A properly installed modular structure is not only seismic strong but can also withstand strong wind gusts. When first introduced, these homes were installed in places where conventionally constructed structures were either not feasible or not possible. However, due to various benefits that a modular structure offers, these became widely preferred.

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