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Modular Home Solutions – Effective, Creative and Economical

Free Port Industries is the provider of amazing modular homes to interested clients all over Canada. Our stylish, ecofriendly, custom-built modulars are serving satisfied clients in the Kelowna, British Columbia region. Superb layout, impressive architecture, inviting interiors and attractive pricing sets our creations apart.

With many years of experience in the zone, our offerings are taken with great enthusiasm with clients. Our projects, namely, Sage Creek, Discovery Series and Aspen Groove School are established as client paradises. The popularity is simply because of the satisfaction of residents and immediacy of services provided to them. We create and deliver what we promise.

Building a house of wood or custom house of manufactured parts is a great idea in today's scenario. Reducing the expenses on home and ensuring that your homes may be reused in parts if you plan to shift in future are the considerations why people choose to built customized modular homes. Modular kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms, attics, verandahs and more are built on the computer first and after the approval of the client, are quickly delivered and assembled/erected on site. Reduced time of construction and improved ecological friendliness are the best advantages of these homes. Improved loan sourcing and lower prices make them a hit with clients.

Every aspect of your home can be designed and decided by you. Its strength will be better than the on-site constructed house. Its finishing will be impeccable whereas any on-site conventionally constructed structure will never have those features. It is for you to decide, whether you buy these advantages along with the freedom of designing your own home!

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