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Modular homes- offering quality living at affordable rates !

A cost effective method of construction is introduced with the invention of modular homes. Today,  with the assistance of a reputed home builder, state-of-the-art homes can be set up, in a considerably short span of time.

Modular buildings are constructed by joining prefabricated sections that are manufactured in factories. Most of the sections are built using stainless steel. This adds to the durability of the structure built.

Today, modular structures are preferred over the buildings that are built using the conventional method of construction. One of the main reasons behind the same is because of its mobility. A residency built up of modules act as a home mobile.

During construction of a modular building, prefabricated modules are joined together or set up one above the other, with the help of cranes. The modules can be placed above one another or interlocked, to form a structure with a height of about four storeys.

Rainfall and rise in temperature and humidity often affects the progress of construction during building up a structure on-site. However, these conditions do not hamper modular construction as the modules are fabricated in factories that maintain controlled levels of temperature and humidity. This improves the efficiency of work done and also assures quality.

Modular construction is also eco-friendly in nature. Since the structures are built in factories and are later transported to the desired location, on-site wastage is minimal. Also, the structures created using modules can be dismantled after use and the pieces can be recycled to create new structures. This adds to the advantages of this method of construction as it not only proves to be cost-effective, but also provides the clients with a flexible option of living.

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Preeti said...
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Preeti said...

Thank you for the information. Modular homes and RTM homes are trending houses nowadays. These houses are affordable and huge and comes in bungalow styles.

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chris vogas said...

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